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Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Andalucía Bike Race chronicles - The Prelude

The duo stumbled down the corridor, dragging the day’s heavy haul behind them.  In the dim light, they worked on the lock and finally broke through the door and into the room.  Once inside they carefully negotiated the booby traps before spilling out the bounty in front of them.  

And that was just the race goodie bags.   

Swag Spanish style (nutella, olive oil, chicken soup and the race bottle
After journeying to Cordoba separately we’re pleased to announce that we’re both here in once piece and importantly, so are our bikes.  Arriving last night to the hotel was a daunting experience, the car park doubles as the race paddock and there are some impressive, expensive and professional outfits here.  This is the first stage race that either of us have done and without additional support, the bike building and logistics are almost as daunting as the riding.  Having now been out for a bit of a spin, recced the start and officially registered we’re both feeling a bit more relaxed. 

The Pros' Paddock

Knowing that there will be 668 other riders in the race, most of whom don’t have a team bus, is also a comforting thought.  And for all of the rest in the flashy kit, there’s the simple “All the gear, no idea” mantra.  Except those who do have an idea.  But that’s the beauty of being here, competing in this race, we’ll be on the same starting grid as some of the best in the world but not out of place.  
Registered and ready
Post-stage faff allowing, we’ll be back with an update after tomorrow’s Stage 1.
Shiny Sodas

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