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Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Andalucía Bike Race chronicles – Chapter 1

So stage 1 is complete and our stage race cherry has been popped.  Overall things went well and importantly we avoided mechanicals and crashes.  We’re waiting for the results to be confirmed but we think we’ve made the top 10 in elite women, so we’re pretty chuffed with that.

Other things we have learned today:
  1. We weren’t the only ones on 26” wheels
  2. Spanish trails are quick       
  3. We won’t get away with giving the bikes a quick wipe, a full on wash is required.
  4. The Brits think it’s warm, apply suncream before going out and race in shorts and t-shirts
  5. The Spanish think it’s cold and race in longs and wear buffs
  6. The Italians race in white kit have a mud phobia
No photos today as multi-tasking is beyond us and you know what we look like.

Stage 1 stats:
Distance: 72.5km, elevation: 1600m  

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