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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Andalucía Bike Race chronicles – Chapter 2

Wow! What trails, an amazing day’s riding.  

Yesterday didn’t actually offer that much in terms of trails, lots of double track and the majority of single track we had to walk due to the numbers of people, our position in the field and the fact that Europeans don’t seem too keen to ride in the mud or on rocks.  

But today was great.  Massive scenery and some great trails. There were quite a few ‘hike a bike’ climbs but some great single track too.  There were also some fairly steep, lose and rocky descents made much harder by some interesting techniques of other riders (scooter anyone?).  We seem to be in the pack with some fit but less technically-able male riders which means there’s a lot of yo-yoing as we’re overtaken on the hard pedally bits but then getting held on the technical sections. 

Tomorrow is a similar day in terms of riding but we have a 90 min transfer at 7am as the venue changes town from Cordoba to Jaen so it’s a case of getting organised tonight and to bed as early as possible for tomorrow’s start.

Stage 2 scores on the doors
Distance 71km, ascent 2200m

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