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Monday, 23 August 2010

Midlands XC3 - Chesterfield

Unfortunately the photo really doesn't do justice to yet another superb Midlands race put on by James and Nadine at the end of July.

A climbing start around the golf course at the site on the edge of Chesterfield gave way to a steep grassy climb which split the pack well before the woodland singletrack began. And what fantastic singletrack it was! Steep swoopy descents including A and B lines on some sections, along with the super-steep gulley climb to match.

A good start for me at the front of the field saw me settle into a rhythm I was able to maintain for the 4 laps, albeit losing a few places in the early stages as I warmed up. The climbs certainly played to my strengths and let me hold onto a 9th place finish. Roll on the big-ring pain at Sherwood Pines in September!

Next up... AQR newbie Kate Collins at SXC Round 5.

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