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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

World 24hr Solo Championships

Here at AQR we'd been working towards the 2014 World 24hr Solo Championships in Scotland for some time - Kate and Ian were busy getting the riders and bikes ready, the pit crew were honing their tea making and whooping skills and the riders were busy carbo-loading.

On a course most regularly described as 'brutal', Ant, Martin and Rach all put in fine efforts.  Things didn't always go to plan, but that's 24hr racing for you.  Nevertheless the team managed 13th place in male 40-44 years, 21st in elite men and 11th in elite women. 

And of course, the AQR pit was in fine form.  Not only looking after the three riders but also supplying tea and cakes to half of Fort William.

Thanks to Olly Townsend for capturing the event - enjoy his photos.  If prose is more your thing, you can read about Rachel's and Martin's races over on their blogs

See you next year in California!

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