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Monday, 26 May 2014

A little later than normal for a team introduction but here it is.......

Cotic AQR Holidays and Coaching Race Team 2014

There has been a Cotic A Quick Release (AQR) Holidays race team for seven years now. Over that time there has been a steady change in riders, but some of the ‘old guard’ still remain in James Dymond, and Matt and Kirsty Prior, complemented by newer faces. Whilst individual goals are supported, the team philosophy is all about what we can achieve when we come together as a team. This can be seen through podiums at a variety of team events including but not limited to Bristol Bikefest, Twenyfour12, Torq 12 and many others. There are a surprising number of riders on the team, however being spread across different disciplines means we are rarely ever all in one place at one time; but boy is it a hoot when we are! Below and over the next few posts to come is your guide to the 2014 Cotic AQR Holidays and Coaching Race Team line-up.

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The Owners, Guides & Coaches

Ian Potter

Time on AQR team: Since concept - one half of the creative brains behind the team.
Discipline: Owner, guide, skills coach, mechanical guru.
Weapon of choice: Cotic Rocket

Ian is one half of AQR Holidays and Coaching. When not guiding guests in Luchon he is assisting in the creation of AQR Coaching plans, no doubt rubbing his hands together in glee at what will be dished out to riders in the weeks to come. He is not only a highly experienced rider but also holds a Mountain Bike Instructors Award (MIAS) Level 4. When time permits, Ian returns to the UK and holds a number of skills sessions which most of the team take advantage of in order to progress their skills further; you never, ever can get the words ‘heels down’ out your head ever again however. Ian’s other major skill is when it comes to all things mechanical, he is the ‘go to’ person for anything relating to bike specification or bike set-up.

The Potters

Kate Potter

Time on AQR team: Since concept - one half of the creative brains behind the team.
Discipline: Owner, guide, coach, nutritionist.
Weapon of choice: Cotic Solaris.

Kate is the other half of AQR Holidays and Coaching. She is an exceptionally talented rider, having spent 10 years riding Cross Country/Marathon/24hr disciplines which included representing Australia at the Cross Country World Championships in 2009 and 2010. Kate set up AQR Coaching in 2008 in order to help others achieve their goals, be it general weight loss and fitness to racing bikes of any type. Kate also holds a number of diplomas related to nutrition, cognitive behavioural therapy and allergy testing, but is currently studying hard for a degree in clinical nutritional therapy in her spare time (if she actually has any?!). Kate is the team’s one stop shop for all things training plan related; it is with fear that you check your newest training plan to see what devilishly hard sessions she’s put in place for you this time around. Somewhere in all this Kate also manages to guide as part of AQR Holidays and is in the process of completing MIAS Level 4 qualification!

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the 2014 team introduction covering the first trio of endurance riders. 

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